Speaking and Workshops

We would love to work with you to craft a keynote presentation, training, or workshop to meet your needs. Examples of recent titles:

  • Science Policy for Scientists
  • Science Policy Careers
  • Value of Liberal Arts Education
  • Crafting Winning Personal Statements


Issue Analysis

Understanding the issues that face your profession or business from a public policy perspective is vital for successful daily operations. It’s even more important for long term planning. We provide the lens to see the government perspective clearly…and for them to see you.

Research Development

We help you understand your research assets and devise a strategy to make the most of your research assets.

Stakeholder Engagement

We help you build relationships with organizations and federal stakeholders that advance your research goals.

Advocacy Training

Your most credible advocates are the everyday people who are the beneficiaries of federal research funds. We train them to present a clear, cogent, and compelling case to Members of Congress.

Alliance and Coalition Development

Finding the right partners to work with is essential for creating a compelling case to funders.

Member Communications

Communicating about the ever-changing and politically-charged landscape of federal policy can be daunting. We take the guesswork out of your communications with your stakeholders and management.